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  • Amanda Lee
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  • Cathy Bray
    Cathy Bray

    With 7 grandchildren I was looking for a tablecloth that was both stain resistant and festive. In the past I ordered tablecloths in the colors chosen by each child and that gets expensive! I am thrilled with this tablecloth. The fabric is exactly what I needed and the multiple colors will work for all of my grandchildren. I used it tonight and it washed up wrinkle and stain free! I look forward to using it for years to come! Thank you

  • Marie

    I purchased 2 birthday tablecloths as Christmas gifts for my daughter. They are so similar to the ones we used when she and her siblings were growing up. She was thrilled! The seller worked with me when I needed a size that was not shown. Will definitely return to buy more in the future.

  • Sandy

    Just ordered two Camo tablecloths with napkins!!! Cant wait to use at the Holidays and outdoor activities coming up…..the Birthday ones I have are awesome, cleanup easy, and no ironing!!! Thanks for the miracle tablecloths !

  • Lori Venne
    Lori Venne

    I LOVE these tablecloths, I have the Birthday and Camo one. Everyone comments on how beautiful and cheerful they are, the best thing about them when you are done, throw them in the washer machine and store away for your next function. I hosted a Birthday dinner for a friend, he is an avid hunter, I set the Camo tablecloth out and everyone loved it, ( actually they all bought one ) – Great, I would highly recommend them. Plus the customer service was fantastic. You can’t go wrong with these, they will last forever, plus red wine was spilled on the Camo tablecloth and it just beaded up NO stains………. Best investment for your parties.

  • Julie

    While I do not have any children or grandchildren, I bought the white tablecloth to use to celebrate my friends’ birthdays. I play a lot of team tennis and have used it at matches to celebrate a team member’s birthday. I received so many compliments from the opponents! The easy care and stain repellent qualities of the tablecloth are amazing. I highly recommend this tablecloth!!! You are never to old have to your birthday celebrated in style!!!!

  • Mari-lynn

    I have the white birthday tablecloth and coordinating napkins. The colors are vibrant and suitable for boys or girls. The tablecloth looks completely different when you accessorize with “girl” or “boy” colors! The most amazing part of the tablecloth is the clean-up. The material repels stains and a quick wash and dry and you are ready for the next party! This is a one time investment that will pay for itself for many years. I can’t wait for my next birthday party!

  • Laurie

    LOVE my Celebration tablecloth!! Received it just in time for our granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. It’s bright and colorful and blends in with nearly any décor. And it’s so easy to clean! With 6 grandchildren under 6, we had plenty of spills, even before the party started, but everything wiped right off. I used the matching napkins for placemats at a second table and that tied everything together perfectly. When the celebration was over, it was an easy wash, dry and store….no ironing! If you’re looking for a festive, carefree, and attractive addition to your next party, this is the perfect accessory!

  • Sandy

    I have the black and white Happy Birthday tablecloths with napkins !!!! I can wait to use it for my granddaughter first birthday next month. Love the no-iron for them and cleanup will be so easy. Waiting patiently to order my Camo tablecloths to use for any occasion!!! Thanks for this amazing addition to our social/party life :)
    Stay tuned for pictures !!!

  • Bonnie

    I have a celebration table cloth in black, I have to say this is the first tablecloth that I have that I don’t have to iron after you take it out of the dryer, it is amazing how beautiful it comes out. There was red wine spilled on it that night and it just beaded up and stayed in one spot to make it a easy cleanup. The fabric of this table cloth is very good quality, it’s not thin or very heavy , it is just perfect, I can’t say enough about the quality and beautiful design, it is for any age birthday or any color party you are decorating for.

  • Donna

    I’m thrilled to have the Celebration “Happy Birthday” Table Cloth in my collection.
    Tablecloths are my thing! Over the past 30 years and I have established a collection of more than three dozen (a closet full). I think tablecloths are an important component to any successful celebration, large or small. The colors and pattern of this table cloth allow for infinite theme party possibilities, for every age. The quality is excellent, the care is easy. Used it, washed it (not a stain to be found), tumble dried and hung it in the tablecloth closet. It’s always at the ready…What a great find!
    I’m looking forward to adding the Celebration Outdoor tablecloth to my collection. I think it will be great for winter holidays and outdoor dining.

  • Jill Moskal
    Jill Moskal

    I absolutely LOVE my celebration tablecloths!!! I purchased it for my son’s 18th birthday and it came out of the storage bag without a wrinkle! I used to use a white tablecloth for birthdays and spread confetti and glitter on it to make it more festive, plus I always had to iron it before displaying it. I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t stain when red wine was spilled on it. It truly is a miracle fabric! I bought the white one with the napkins and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s rare these days when products actually live up to their claims.

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